Bridges over the Brisbane River

Brisbane is blessed with the Brisbane River which is the longest river in south east Queensland, Australia. The river was named after the Governor of New South Wales, Thomas Brisbane; by the explorer John Oxley in 1823. The CityCat and CityFerries transfers passengers through the river. Fifteen major bridges crossed the river which are massively used to transfer vehicles, cyclists & pedestrians. Those landmarks are also widely used in postcard from Brisbane.

Those bridges are:

1. Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge (Source: Original bridge opened January 1986. Duplicate bridge opened May 2010.

2. Story Bridge. Opened July 1940.

3. Captain Cook Bridge (Source: Wikipedia). Opened 1972.

4. Goodwill Bridge. Opened October 2001.

5. Victoria Bridge. Opened 1969.

6. Kurilpa Bridge. Opened October 2009.

7. William Jolly Bridge. Opened March 1932.

8. Merivale Bridge. Opened November 1978.

9. Go Between Bridge. Opened 5 July 2010.

10. Eleanor Schonell Bridge. Opened December 2006.

11. Jack Pesch Bridge (Source: Wikipedia). Opened October 1998.

12. Albert Bridge (Source: Wikipedia). Opened 1895.

13. Indooroopilly Railway Bridge (Source: Wikipedia). Opened 1957.

14. Walter Taylor Bridge (Source: Wikipedia). Opened February 1936.

15. Centenary Bridge (Source: Wikipedia). Original bridge was opened in 1964.

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